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SuperMonsm by curiouskeys
oh no...oh no pokemon gijinka super heroes, oh noooo

I had a dream last night and I think it was a really cool idea that I'm gonna run with- maybe- when I'm not working on Zenithverse. None of them have names yet, if ever, they were just calling each other Red, Purple and Green, but their Pokemans were pretty clear: Staraptor, Espeon and Klefki.

Red and Purple were super cute together and I'm sure Green was MTF, and also just super into luring Purple into trouble which was hilarious to dream when I wasn't seeing from Purple's eyes lol but they're super heroes and I think fusion was involved somewhere???

Also there was a secret Luxray/Blue cameo somewhere in there and I think it was a love triangle, so hell yeah- I'm such a sucker for this kind of stuff.

Way to go, brian!
Is it wrong for me to want the "White Toothless" in the new HTTYD3 poster to be male? 
*makes whooshing noises with face*

I miss core...I might have to shell out and buy core.

*lays on stomach and continues whooshing*
I turned on my mature tag just to test something and yeah- so many mature images still popping up without a tag or a warning or really anything to keep it off the front page.

Oh, DA, you're turning into a fetish site and it's astounding how little staff cares.




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Do you still own this creature?:  Design  - CLOSED by griffsnuff
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Do you do commissions?...

Also was wondering... Would it be alright if I had a few of my next gen drawn with yours?
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Keys that are curious. Curious Keys. my God..Seisure 
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