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Falling by curiouskeys Falling by curiouskeys

It was her fault. She hadn’t even noticed what was happening to their relationship, what was happening to them, until it was too late. Staring down at the letter Sunset had left that night, at the words that wished things could have worked out, she didn’t know what to do.

I’m so sorry, Twilight. You know that I love you, that I have and always will love you, but I feel as though we need our space and….

“She needs me,” Sunset’s voice broke through the pregnant silence that had hung above them for what felt like an eternity, but even then it wasn’t enough. Twilight’s eyes burned with the remnants of a sleepless night full of tears and denial. No, not denial. She had long accepted that what they’d had was gone. It’d been weeks since she’d found that letter, weeks since Sunset had packed up her things and left the castle, weeks since she’d had to learn to live in solitude once more, “I know...I know I said this in my letter, but it’s important that you know this- my decision to leave- has nothing to do with you.”

Twilight felt a deepening hole go bottomless in her stomach.

“I’ll always love you, Twi, and I know that’s just a cop-out, but...” Sunset’s eyes narrowed with a pain Twilight didn’t understand. She looked back over her shoulder at the waiting mare beyond. Trixie lifted her head as Sunset turned, her hoof pausing in its tracing of endless circles in the dirt of the barren road, “But-”

When Sunset Shimmer turned back to face her, Twilight felt her heart lurch to a stuttering stop. She was smiling, weakly, but still there it was. A smile Twilight had always thought would be meant just for her, but one she knew belonged to another at this point in time.

“She really does need me and, at least right now, I-,” the smile faltered, returning to the somber line that very appropriately matched the expression the alicorn could see reflected in her emerald eyes, “I need her too.”

Yes, Twilight dropped her head, she had said that in her letter. Something about past feelings and a caring hoof that only Sunset could provide. She knew all of this, had tried to understand it as best as she could since she’d first found that parchment with her name printed neatly at the top, but despite her endless research and all the knowledge she held in her library and beyond Twilight still didn’t understand.

“But what about me?” she breathed, her voice harsh and her throat sore as she lifted her head and rose from her seated position, “What if I told you that I need you too?”

Twilight could see Sunset’s heart breaking in her eyes, the expression on her face speaking volumes of pain and uncertainty that she too had likely fought to understand after everything had been said and done. Twilight wanted to reach for her, but when she stepped forward to do so she was shocked to see that Sunset shied away.


“That’s not fair, Twilight,” her once soft voice became rough and tormented as her brows knit together and she rose to a stand, “I have been with you through thick and thin, whenever you needed me I was there, but the moment I needed you- the moments-”

Her words caught on an audible sob as she struggled to keep her voice steady.

“You never made time for me and now that I’ve found someone who will you’re going to say…that?” she shook her head and her ears went flat on her skull, “Don’t belittle me, Twilight Sparkle, I know where your priorities lie and I will not be manipulated-”

Twilight watched as Sunset’s fury dissolved into a plethora of mixed emotions as she paused. The once smoldering gaze she’d held against her extinguishing to something close to what the alicorn princess could assume was pity.

“I’m...I’m sorry, Twilight,” she breathed, her voice cracking as the tears she had been fighting to keep back flowed down her perfect face, “I can’t do this anymore.”

With that she backed away, her head falling below her shoulders as the tears fell and she walked with a solemn gait towards Trixie. Twilight could do nothing, but watch her go...the feeling of her heart falling through her chest and into her stomach the last sensation before she went completely numb and chose to leave in the opposite direction. One final look back confirmed that Sunset had made it to Trixie, that the blue furred unicorn had wrapped her leg around the other and was attempting to comfort her as they moved away.

There was no glance back, there was no goodbye, and then they were gone.


Cop-out Keys, my name should be Cop-out Keys.

This happens a year or two after Twilight convinces Sunset Shimmer to come back to Equestria. The two were very much in love with each other and had plans to start a family at one point, but Twilight's notorious inability to take a break inevitably came back to haunt her as she started spending less and less time with Sunset. Forcing her to turn to her old friend, Trixie, for companionship. They didn't explicitly cheat with each other, but Trixie helped Sunset to realize some old feelings she'd had for her and, wanting someone who was emotionally available and ready to start a family, she decided to leave Twilight.

I listened to this on repeat while drawing, the lyrics are perfect for the fate of these two.


Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Trixie Lulamoon © MLP:FiM, Hasbro
Art, Drabble © cop-out keys (me)

Ponyville Background Path by YoshiGreenwater

MagicStarxy Featured By Owner May 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
That angst :crying:
Lovely art and fantastic, emotive writing!
So good that I now need to binge all the fluffy Sunset Sparkle/SunLight (whatever the ship is called) art and fanfics after that story! :'D
RavenHeart1984 Featured By Owner May 17, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Apparatarti Featured By Owner Edited May 17, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
10/10 NO.... 20/10! Art + Story= Good Quality Content Hooray Llama Badges 

Love thiSSSS!!!
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